Palm Fruit Digerste​r

FINIC’s Palm Fruit Digester

Voltage – 380

power – 10 KW

Revs – 140

Frequency – 50 Htz

Product Details
crushes /digests/ steamed or boiled macerates​

washes the resulting mash and separates the nuts and chaff/fiber from the palm butter containing the oil.

fed in batches each of 160 kg of palm fruits.
each batch lasts for approximately 8 minutes from crushing to washing.

Powered by Diesel 12 Horsepower engine.
Can also be powered by an electric motor of equal power where a connection to the national grid is available.

palm oil mill of 2 tons per hour capacity.

Others forming the machinery are palm bunches sterilizer, Palm fruits thresher, settling tank, and a clarifier.

FINIC, Palm Fruit Digester