Exodus Trust INTL is a U.S. Business Trust with offices located in Washington DC. It was formed specifically to design, administer, and implement international projects for developing countries.  Principals of Exodus Trust have worked to catalyze investment opportunities in Nigeria, Sierra Leon, Gambia, and South Sudan for several years on its own account by figuring out the key to conducting secure operations beneficial to all our stakeholders.  We have worked intensively to understand the political and social order, conducted research, develop responsive programs, and establish a wide network of relationships. By keeping our indigenous partner engaged at all levels we believe we stand the best chance for sustainable development in the West African region and internationally.


EXODUS TRUST INTL.  is managed by its trustees and has various social and economic development advisors.   Exodus Trust INTL. is advised by one of its trustee Dr. Biko Sankofa, who is a founding member of Sankofa Medical Group (SMG) and serves on the board of directors in the development of strategic models for economic; and social development of emerging markets. Trained as a social scientist in the field of Developmental Psychology, Dr.  Sankofa directs his attention in the area of capacity building. He works to create collaborative partnerships between contemporary and indigenous knowledge by developing joint venture projects to maximize economic and social development.  Dr. Sankofa primarily works with local groups, community partners, and international stakeholders to bring best practice tools that will ensure sustainable growth and development. His research and work experience allowed him to consult with a variety of organizations and institutions like the World Bank Group, Pan American Health Organization, Government of Gambia, Sierra Leon, South Sudan, Trinidad and Tobago, Panama, and various public and private groups at the national and international level.  At present, Exodus Trust has a vested interest in Sierra Leone value-added manufacturing industry and will be working with local stakeholders to bring sustainable development to the region.


Source of Wellness Foods (S.O.W.) is the marketing brand of Exodus Trust International. At Exodus Trust we S.O.W. within our farming communities the seeds to meet the increasing demands of the African and International markets.  

Our Solution

We at Exodus Trust supply our village farmers with the best seeds to produce quality fruits for our processing facility. We pay a fee greater than the local market for the harvest thus bringing value-added vegetable and juice concentrates to a growing health food market.  

Target Market

At Exodus we organize our small-scale farmers into an empowered coop with the objective of enhancing three business lines:
  • Bring valuable resources (quality seeds and natural fertilizers) and technology (solar panel water wells) to help smallholder farmers grow and harvest crops more efficiently.
  • Logistics and supply chain support to navigate the “last mile” that brings smallholder farms closer to the value-added benefit of food production.
  • Food processing and packaging facility that prepares and brands quality products for distribution in the international and domestic market.
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