Business Incubator Center Presentation

Exodus Trust Commodity Investment Ltd.

Source of Wellness Farm (S.O.W.) & Processing Facility, Sankofa Agri, business Center for Economic Development (S.A.C.E.D.), Agri-business Hub for international exchange and economic development.

The Statement of the Problem: Sierra Leone is the 5th hungriest country in Africa and faces food insecurity at an alarming rate.

A large percentage of the foods not sold in the local markets contribute to $ million in the post-harvest loss.

The lack of value-added food production costs the country $ million in lost revenue and a negative trade balance. At Exodus Trust, we collaborate with our strategic partners to help solve the problem of food insecurity, international trade, and export.

Sankofa Agri-business Center for Economic Development S.A.C.E.D.


A Hub for Strategic planning and training

They are many business opportunities in value-addition food production. 

S.A.C.E.D. Needs vested partners and members of the African Diaspora to join

S.A.C.E.D. and help re-connect the bridge to Africa’s socio-economic development. 

The proposed S.A.C.E.D. business hub will work with our university partners, agricultural interns, rural farmers, and vested partners to expand international trade and export.  

Vested partners may choose to engage in:

entrepreneurial projects 

value-added food production 

student exchange 


international trade and import of agri-business products

S.A.C.E.D. will serve as an Agri-business Hub for international student exchange, excellent capacity building, and sustainable economic development.

S.A.C.E.D. will form a bridge for vested partners and diaspora members to collaborate with Exodus Trust/S.O.W. Farm Sierra Leone. 

Our Agri-business interns collaborate with growers of moringa & neem crops, mango fruits, coffee, cocoa, honey, coconut oil, etc., for value-added food production and product branding under S.O.W. Foods & Processing facility.

Many micro-enterprises have already proposed business projects for consideration and incubation.  

S.O.W. Moringa/Neem Farm and Production Facility is a reality.

Both Moringa and Neem are currently being cultivated and produced by S.O.W. Foods as wellness products for immunity boosting.

S.A.C.E.D. Collaborated with vested partners to perfect our product development, packaging, branding, and logistics for market entry and export.

Our Strategic Advantage

ET/SOW’s 25-acre farm & Production facility is one of the largest moringa and neem cultivation sites. 

It is strategically making S.O.W. farm an established production facility for the production of Moringa and Neem. 

As a result, S.A.C.E.D. will be one of the only agri-business centers uniquely situated to launch agribusiness projects with vested partners from the international community. 

The S.O.W. farm site will house the S.A.C.E.D. business center and serve as a secure Hub for international partners to participate in value-addition and sustainable business and community development. 

The three agribusinesses. S.A.C.E.D. Center for business development, E.T./SOW Organic Farm, and S.O.W. processing facility positioned on Exodus Trust farm site set ET/SOW Business Complex for International Trade and Commerce. 

SOW 100% Moringa Leaf Tea is S.A.C.E.D.’s first food commodity for international import and distribution.

This project will build the capacity of local stakeholders to address ET/SOW production objectives to scale up and meet the needs of global importers of mega-foods such as moringa.

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